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Why a Chartered Accountant may be crucial to your small business

April 16, 2021

Why a Chartered Accountant may be crucial to your small business 

Intended to help your business grow and thrive, a Chartered Accountant that specialises in business advisory services – such as small business accounting and business structuring – will give expert advice when it’s needed the most. Start up business advisors, in particular, are skilled in many facets of finance, accounting and business. This gives them the expertise and insight to assist in business decisions, such as investments, estate planning and general financial accounting.  

Essentially, a Chartered Accountant will be able to analyse any problems and potential risks a business might be facing and assist in ensuring the business is more cost-effective and efficient. 

How a Chartered Accountant can help 

A Chartered Accountant is one of the first people prospective business owners should turn to when seeking start up business advisors and their services. They are highly knowledgeable in small business accounting and business structuring, such as setting up payroll and handling taxes. They are specialists in advising ways to fund your business and prepare proposals, as well as financial accounting – such as creating a business budget.  

Key parts of a business budget 


Creating a business budget begins with projecting revenue by either conducting a market analysis or analysing business records and ratios. When your business begins bringing in revenue, a Chartered Accountant can determine the financial health of your business.  

Fixed expenses 

Determine the fixed expenses associated with your business that stay the same from month to month – for example, rent.  

Variable expenses 

Variable expenses fluctuate from month to month; such as the volume of your sales, meaning you may need more raw materials.  


Projected profits help to estimate your bottom line – how much money your business makes at the end of the day – this is a key aspect where a Chartered Accountant  will help. Projected profits will help plan for new equipment, a larger location and more employees.  

Benefits of start up business advisors 

Start up business advisors will provide objective advice on your business structuring and small business accounting that is based entirely on extensive experience and knowledge of financial accounting. Seeking professional advice will assist you in growing your profits, managing finances, avoiding bad investments and focusing on strategic goals that help you continue to thrive. 

A Chartered Accountant will allow you to streamline your operations, reduce time wastage and make decisions that will truly benefit your business. Attempting to ‘wing it’ – especially start up business structuring – will end up costing far more and will have a detrimental effect on your new business. Essentially, start up business advisors will assist in improving your business operations across the board.  

BMR Business Solutions are a Chartered Accountant firm, assisting Brisbane businesses with a range of specialised services. Contact us today on 07 3353 7111 to discuss how we can assist with the operations and growth of your business.

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